Disinfection Fogging Service


Meeting Your Needs With Over 10 Years Industry Experience.

At Lothian Cleaning Services we use ULV ( ultra low volume) electrostatic fogging. This is the most effective way of ensuring whole room decontamination from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Our Specialised equipment creates a fine mist in the atmosphere with the disinfectant which will not interfere with electrical equipment or damage paperwork, this vapour is ideal for killing airborne germs.

As the disinfectant begins to settle it then sticks to all surfaces and anything which it comes in to contact with. This is achieved through a negative charge being emitted as the fog is released.

At lothian cleaning services we use a range of environmentally friendly and food safe disinfection chemicals tested to BS standards including Zoono Z71 Surface Sanitiser.

At Lothian Cleaning Services we use Zoono for our disinfection services. Zoono is a non toxic and environmentally friendly chemical, using state of the art technology to kill harmful pathogens.

Zoono creates a barrier which lasts for up to 30 days keeping your premises safe 24hrs a day.

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